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“Everything I learnt from Melon made me feel so much more comfortable going ahead with my procedure”

Laura Smith
Breast Augmentation Patient
Leadership Team
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James Zhong

Founder & CEO

James Zhong is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Melon. Prior to founding Melon in 2022, James was the CEO of Umart Online, an Australian computer parts and electronics retailer credited for inventing click & collect. 

James served in various roles at Umart from January 2014 until July 2018 before becoming CEO in August 2018. During that time he tripled revenue and helped scale the corporate organization. James holds a Bachelor of Business Management from The University of Queensland. 

Melon was born out of James’ personal experience and difficulties trying to learn about anti-wrinkle injections. From that, he decided to create Melon to help make this process easier for everyone.

Melon is an online marketplace that helps patients learn about cosmetic procedures and connect with practitioners

The process of getting plastic surgery from start to finish can seem very daunting. For patients, a lot of time and effort is invested before going under the knife. You need to become comfortable with the procedure, which requires hours of research navigating complex sources of information; determining that the information is legitimate and also making sure it is personalised to you. 

James experienced this problem first-hand trying to get anti-wrinkle injections for his forehead. Looking around, he saw practitioner websites that looked like they were made back in the mid-2000s, containing barely any information, and generally, not inspiring a lot of confidence to go ahead with the procedure.

From that journey, he decided he wanted to make the process easier for everyone. Enter Melon. Melon has in-depth, well-researched educational content that helps patients understand: the procedures, the process and how to evaluate doctors. Giving individuals, a simple trusted destination for cosmetic surgery information. Melon also has a two-sided marketplace, connecting patients to practitioners. A controlled environment where Melon verifies credentials, patient satisfaction and surgeons committed to transparency.
The Melon team

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